Women’s Health – Looking Forward in Stockholm


Endo-metrix hosts a live event where we look at what the future of women’s health holds. This event focuses on the under-recognised conditions endometriosis and PCOS, and we will discuss how they can be managed holistically, technologically and with the right knowledge.
Come and join us and hear personal stories from women with endometriosis, hear about current innovative initiatives from start-ups working with femtech and women’s health, and listen to speakers that will share their approaches to health. And most importantly – be there to learn from, talk to, and support each other.
The event will consist of a panel discussion followed by a mingle where you can talk to endometrios föreningen, start-ups working with women’s health and women who are sharing their journeys living with a gynaecological condition.

On our panel, we have a variety of speakers with different approaches to women’s health.

  • Aline de Santa Izabel | Synbiotic Kitchen – Aline is a Brazilian scientist who is the founder of Synbiotic Kitchen, a company focused on empowering gut health through nutrition.
  • Mikaela Persson | love.endo – Mikaela is an artist who manages her endometriosis through art and positivity. She is focusing her art on raising awareness about endometriosis.
  • Moa Felicia Linder | Endometrix – Moa, the co-founder of Endometrix will share the insights from their pre-study on endometriosis and how we can work together to find solutions to these needs.
  • Anna Melker | Spit Lab – Dr. Anna Melker, a Ph.D. in Chemistry is developing technology to help women with PCOS to get pregnant.

Endometrios Föreningen
Pegah Wennergren | Yoga, mindfulness, coaching and astrology. Pegah has endometriosis and found support through yoga and mindfulness during a rough time of her life.
Mikaela Persson – love.endo | Art (you will be able to buy her amazing art on location!)
Endometrix | Improving gynaecological health with the use of AI.
Synbiotic Kitchen | Food and health optimization through microbiome science.
Spit Lab | Technology that helps women with PCOS to get pregnant.
Hempster | Organic and vegan shakes designed to optimize the fantastic nutritional benefit of hemp seeds.

Follow this link for more information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-health-looking-forward-tickets-55319039737?fbclid=IwAR0K03bYvFxsKhRv18e26aeb4z-vdRSHgn9d6IYN17wMTCLM9UNpRO7LD5s